Champions League Partizan v Porto



Welcome to the Serbian Stadiums (SRPSKISTADIONI) website.

This pages gives a basic information of the stadiums in Serbia and, also in Montenegro.

We will try to represent all relevant fields and clubs.

This page comprises four groups of clubs:

Super League Serbia, First League Serbia, First League Montenegro

and serbian clubs who compite in lower leagues.

We must stress that it is complicate for us to find 

a correct and official information for every clubs,

and the hardest to find photos for every stadium.

The most of photos and informations we found on the internet (links) and press.

The rest of photos are product of our effort and inspiration.

We believe you find this site useful and informative.

We would like to thanks the everyone who help us,

and everyone who offer support for our project.

Enjoy the site and we hope you will visit again.



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